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10 Incredible Photos of Egypt Captured Through the Lens of Global Instagrammers

These travel Instagrammers photos of Om El Donya dulls our urge to flee the country.

Inspired by the mesmerising Egyptian scenes captured this week by famous travel Instagrammers Jason Charles Hill and Emilie Ristevski, we decide to scour everyone’s favourite social media platform on a quest to see Egypt through the lenses of (even more) wanderlustful photographers on Instagram.


Canadian travel photographer Jeff Spackman landed in Egypt a few days ago along with travel companions Emilie Ristevski and Jason Charles Hill, and enchanted us with this shot of the Milky Way in Fayum.




Sunrise on the Nile in Luxor, Egypt

A photo posted by // Kyle Kuiper // (@kdkuiper) on

San Diego-based Kyle Kuiper perfectly captured the serenity of sunrise in Luxor on his trip to Egypt in 2014.




. . The great pyramids of Giza can be a great disappointment when one arrives with the notion of connecting with them on a spiritual level. The hoards of tourists alighting from a seemingly endless stream of coaches, the local hustlers and the security measures can all undermine the sense of anticipation with which one usually arrives at such a colossal site. However, it takes just a little initiative and a short walk around the Pyramids away from the masses, before one can begin to feel the allure of this magical site. . Giza, Cairo, Egypt. . . Photo taken by ☺ @spencer_travel_photographer 😊 Follow me around the world and see the world as I see it. . . . . . Remember to tag your images #spencer_travel_feature #spencer_travel_feedback . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #Egypt #travel #travelphotography #documentaryphotography #culture #africa #cairo #instagood #myfavoriteimages #instagram #desert #desertlife #pyramids #giza #islam #middleast #prayer #cntravelereats #passportexpress #passionpassport #dametraveler #tourtheplanet #exploringtheglobe #discoverearth #welivetoexplore #theglobewanderer #roamtheplanet

A photo posted by Spencer Montero (@spencer_travel_photographer) on

This Norwegian photographer’s trip to the pyramids may have started off on the wrong foot, but this captivating photograph of a praying galabeyya-clad man shows how it all worked out beautifully in the end.




on this roof, beds are available for rent. no wi-fi though.. #cairo #egypt

A photo posted by @michaelchristopherbrown on

Michael Christopher Brown’s travels with Nat Geo and Magnum led to his presence in Cairo right in the midst of the 2013 revolution, where he captured this evocative shot of his home for the night.




I've talked so much about the people of Egypt that I thought it was time I showed you someone we've met. This is Ahmed, our captain for a sail in a traditional felucca on the Nile River. We set out from a dock in Aswan near the larger boat docks and he calmly steered us around one of the many islands which dots the Nile in that area. Some have parks, some private villas and there's a lot of history to that area in particular. It was golden hour before sunset, and there was a lot of traffic on the river, like rush hour at an intersection. However, Ahmed was quietly in control and as he expertly sailed us both at a slow pace and sometimes fast enough for the wind to blow my hair was so wonderful. Everyone in our group looked around at each other with beaming smiles. Ahmed didn't talk to us, our guide Ibrahim did all the talking. But I couldn't help notice that when Ahmed was doing his job I would sometimes catch him enjoying it privately. Perhaps he was enjoying the same things I was, the water and the sunshine and the freedom of movement that a small boat allows. I don't know. However his smile lit up the boat and I tried to capture that but in the end, this moment was the photo that turned out. Ahmed looks as if he could be Nubian Egyptian to me but I wasn't able to ask. I also loved that his sailboat is called "Honey." #AKegypt

A photo posted by Kirsten Alana 📷 (@kirstenalana) on

On one of her many beautiful photos of Egypt, this NYC-based photographer gave her 204k  her insight on societies: “too often I think we get caught up in how different we are from one another, and we let those differences become easy fuel for negativity and hate. However I witnessed people of all ages doing the same shopping, talking, laughing, worrying and walking that I do all the time. Sure there were some differences but none that inspired even the slightest bit of negativity in me.”



This Aussie traveller’s fascination with Egyptology, not to mention total mastery of symmetry, on her trip to Egypt last winter made us itch for break to the land of treasures.




Last standing wonder of the ancient world #cairo #egypt #giza #pyramid

A photo posted by Andrej Ciesielski (@andrejcie) on

Remember the chaos this photo caused a few months ago? It was posted by German adrenaline-junkie Andrej Ciesielski, which resulted in his ban from Egypt. Totally worth it, though.



Kenyan traveller Trevor Maingi is currently exploring Egypt’s cities and deserts alike, and he has a lot to share with his 13.2k Instagram followers as he roams the country’s districts.



Monique Law came all the way over to Egypt from her hometown in New Zealand, where she continued to capture “people, places and memories.”




Sharing golden hour with the Locals, downtown Giza.... @experienceegypt @thisisegypt @theobewanderer #thisisegypt

A photo posted by Jason Charles Hill (@jasoncharleshill) on

The Aussie explorer continues his escapades in Egypt this week, showing the (very rare) serene side of the country.