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10 Travel Videos That Capture Egypt's Captivating Beauty Through Different Lenses

From amateur school projects to artistic initiatives aimed at promoting local tourism, these videos truly capture Egypt's timeless charm.

Egypt is a country blessed with endless beauty and numerous talented storytellers, who always attempt to capture this beauty and channel it through their eyes, perspectives, and the tools at their disposal. One of those tools is their camera lens, with which some brilliant artists and filmmakers showed us a new way to appreciate the beauty of this country, or how even more beautiful they dream it would be.

Here are 10 videos encapsulating Egypt's captivating allure that will leave you in awe.

By This is Egypt

By Ahmed Yasser, Andrew Ramzy, Mark Baher, and Seif Yasser

By Maged Atalla and Seif Shawkat

By Ballerinas of Cairo

By This is Egypt

By Scenery Zone/Facebook

By: Abdel-Rahman Gabr

By This is Egypt

By Ballerinas of Cairo

By Cairo Syndrome