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11 Heart-stopping Photos of Rock Climbers in Egypt

These are not vertigo-inducing AT all.

Of the many extreme sports we have in Egypt, rock climbing isn't one you hear about often. But that's about to change, because one group of daredevils called Flash Climber is shining a light on the sport... and we have their incredible photos.

Flash Climber's members Omar Zaki and Rasheed Salem have been scaling mountains throughout Egypt. We caught up with them and had a few questions about climbing and thee dangers, or lack there of, of climbing. 

"We pick our climbs by asking local climbing guru Mondi and looking through the Dahab Bouldering Guidebook", says Omar Zaki. "My most dangerous climb so far was a type of climb called deep water solo where you climb with no safety gear, but depend on water as your falling pit. It can get a bit sketchy if you don't aim for the water as you fall. This climb was in Wadi el Weshwashi in Sinai."

While the a lot of the group members have climbed mountains in places in Egypt most of us hadn't heard of, Rasheed Salem hopes to explore even more of Egypt through his climbs. "I've only ever been to Wadi Gnai, which has quite nice climbs, but I plan to explore more sites around the country of course."

We couldn't pass up on the opportunity to ask the climbers what their worst injuries were, and their answers were shocking to say the least. "I honestly haven't sustained major injuries, just the usual scrapes and bruises all over the body", says Salem. We had you going there, didn't we? The answer we got was shockingly gore-free.

And for those who think that this is a more male-oriented sport in Egypt, think again. According to Zaki and Salem, the group gets plenty of girls looking to conquer incredible heights. "We do get a lot of girls interested in climbing, and I love that. Climbing is a loving community.  We try to push each other, support each other, and always get each other hyped", says Zaki.

If you're looking for a new adventure, perhaps then up a mountain is the way to go, as Salem says there is always room for more brave hearts. "You can never have enough climbers, both boys and girls."

The group have been documenting their climbs on Instagram, and it's captivating. Here are 11 of their most incredible shots.

Photos: Flash Climber