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12 of the World's 100 Best Diving Sites Are in Egypt

Egypt's Red Sea locations dominate as voters took to the internet to decide on the 100 best diving sites around the world.

Okay, now we don't understand why Ariel would ever escape from under the sea - it's gorgeous down there! We really need to get on this scuba diving thing, especially right here in the Red Sea. When Scuba Travel magazine put out a call for divers to vote on the world's best diving sites, 12 of the 100 selected sites were right here in Egypt. Diverse species, beautiful corals, crystal clear waters – Egypt boasts a whole lot of beauty beneath its beautiful blues. The Red Sea – with over 1,000 species of invertebrates and over 200 species of soft and hard coral – has jaw-dropping sites that bring travellers from all over the globe to marvel at. Where, exactly?

Elphinstone Reed, Red Sea

Blue Hole, Dahab, Red Sea

Daedelus, Red Sea

Thistlegorm, Red Sea

Canyon Thomas Reef, Red Sea

Ghiannis D, Red Sea

Jackson Reef, Red Sea

Shark and Yolanda, Red Sea

Straits of Tiran, Red Sea

Big Brothers, Red Sea

Ras Mohammed, Red Sea

St. John's, Red Sea