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17 Red Sea Resorts Under 300 LE

With about 300 LE in your wallet, you can enjoy a kickass stay at a luxurious Red Sea resort. In travel terms, that's pocket change.

It's not news that tourism is no longer what it used to be. Once upon a time, Egyptian traffic was purely the result of the number of tourists that flow in to the country. Beautiful in almost every way possible – though many foreigners are not believing it these days – Egypt will continue to flourish. That being said, do you remember the time when we would try to book any of these many different Red Sea resorts and they were always way too expensive? While it's an unfortunate reality of supply and demand, these resorts are now so wallet-friendly that it's a wonder we're not there for turnaround trips every weekend. Egypt's Red Sea towns boast incredible beauty that makes for a relaxing (or Adrenaline-filled) time away from the bustle of the busy city. Plus, now these rooms go for anywhere under 300 LE per night – except there's one that's 306 LE; please forgive us (and them) for the seemingly unnecessary six LE. Where are you off to next?


Dahab Plaza Hotel

Single room: 24 LE | Contact: 0122 333 5235

Yasmina Hotel

Single room: 128 LE | Contact: 069 3641994

Happy Life Village

Single room: 213 LE | Contact: 19623

Coral Coast Hotel

Single room 284 LE | Contact: 069 3641195

Nuweiba and Taba

Helnan Nuweiba Bay Resort

Twin room: 151 LE | Contact: 069 3500401

Cioa Hotel

Single room: 222 LE | Contact: 0122 974 0212

Taba Sands Hotel & Casino

Double room: 306 LE | Contact: 069 3530446. 

Sharm El Sheikh:

Logina Sharm Resort

Suite: 160 LE | Contact: 069 3601163

Aida 2 Hotel Naama Bay

Quadruple room: 169 LE | Contact: 0102 301 0600

Dive Inn Resort

Single room: 170 LE | Contact: 069 3660835

Delta Sharm Resort & Spa

Double room: 195 LE | Contact: 069 3623200

Sharks Bay Umbi Diving Village

Double room: 224 LE | Contact: 0120 000 1558

Kanabesh Village

Single room: 257 LE | Contact: 069 3600184

Regency Plaza Aqua Park and Spa Resort

Twin room: 266 LE | Contact:069 3710093

Xperience Sea Breeze Resort

Double Room 286 LE | Contact: 069 3604700

Luna Sharm Hotel

Triple room: 293 LE | Contact: 069 3665660

Renaissance Sharm El Sheikh Golden View Beach Resort 

Double room: 297 LE | Contact: 069 3664694