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21 Aerial Photos that Capture Egypt's Breathtaking Beauty

From the Nile River to Salt Lakes on the Libyan borders, you've probably never seen these stunning photos before.

Egypt is a place of many wonders. Aside from its historical significance, the country is also home to a diverse range of natural environments that never fail to leave us in awe. From concrete jungles to abandoned historical landmarks and natural landscapes, these 21 photos truly capture the beauty of Egypt from above:

The unfinished obelisk, Aswan.

Grave yard in Asyut.

Agricultural architecture in a village near the Nile.

Boats in the Nile river.

Wheat harvest in the Nile valley.

Date harvest in the southern Cairo.

The white desert, Farafra.

The eastern bank of Aswan's Nile river.

Elephantine Island, Aswan

Bororlos Lake, Kafr El Sheikh


Beach in Alexandria

Pyramid of Senosert II, South of Fayoum.

Tempel of Abou Simbel.

Pigeon Towers, Eastern Delta

Ruins of a medieval castle in the Shali area, Siwa 

Island in Siwa.

Saltwater lake near the Libyan border.

Western Desert.

Photo credit go to A E S T H E T I C on Facebook.