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7 Places In Cairo That Come To Life At Night

Cairo is (arguably) a beautiful city by day; by night, some of its most popular sites take on a completely breathtaking life. Here are our 7 favourite places to visit after maghreb.

Cairo is beautiful, despite the haters who claim that it is not. By day, this bustling city has plenty of eyesores; but, just as with many hidden beauties, certain places take on a life of their own come nighttime. In an effort to identify places worth visiting at night, we have compiled breathtaking photos that showcase seven places that come to life and take on a different persona at night.

The Great Pyramids of Giza

The Banks of The Nile

Khan el Khalili 

The Cairo Opera House

Moez Street

The Citadel

El Baron Palace


Photography by @MO4Ntework's #MO4Productions.

Photographed by Ahmed Najeeb and Fouad Batrawi