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A New Staycation Heaven Opens in New Cairo

The Westin Cairo Golf Resort & Spa opened only a couple of weeks ago and is quickly garnering the reputation as one of the best staycation and brunch destination in all of Cairo.

Last week was yet another long weekend and once again we found ourselves scrambling to make a last-minute booking in hopes of escaping the exhausting city that is Cairo. Thinking any plan to escape was lost and yet still in desperate need of serious rest and relaxation, we, fortunately, discovered that a brand new luxurious Westin had just opened in New Cairo. Wasting no time, we packed our bags and headed to this gorgeous destination to celebrate the 6th of October victory with delicious drinks by their refreshing pool.

Usually, escaping Cairo means having to drive hours in the vast desert in search of a relaxing oasis. Located in New Cairo, we were already happy before arriving based on the simple fact that we wouldn’t have to drive Egypt’s stressful roads to reach our special getaway. Upon arrival, it seemed that the luxurious hotel had just removed its plastic wrapping, as the Westin opened two weeks ago. Surrounded with plenty of gorgeous greens, the Westin New Cairo managed to create the illusion that we were no longer in Cairo before we even entered their breathtaking lobby leaving us #feelwell about our decision.

At reception we found the staff #workwell at being extremely welcoming, offering us drinks before even knowing if we were guests. The check-in was easy and efficient, and before long we found ourselves in our spacious suite overlooking their magnificent pool and eating the delicious macaroons, which was a luxurious replacement for the traditional chocolate mint on a pillow.

It didn’t take very long before we were in our bathing suits lounging by the pool. Divided into multiple pools, there were ample spots to take a dip without feeling crowded. It wasn’t until we discovered the swim-up bar that we committed to one of their pools, as there’s nothing quite like having a thirst-quenching drink in a refreshingly cool pool.
As day turned to night, we began to feel famished and headed on over to Paloma, the Westin’s incredibly delicious poolside restaurant. Boasting a menu packed with unique and #eatwell options we struggled to decide which outstanding dishes to try and which to save for our next trip. After hearing the recommendations from the helpful waiter, we opted for the caramelised figs and goat cheese salad, as well as a fried calamari on an eggplant and olive salsa. Both were winning starters displaying a careful balance of flavours that gave a unique spin on some classic dishes. However, the true highlight was their signature Rib Steak cooked to perfection served with bok choy, broccoli, and rich mushroom gravy, which left very little room for their sublime cheesecake with fresh berries .

Happily stuffed, we headed back to the room to digest before hitting the bar for a night cap. Sadly, we never made it to the bar as we passed out instantly on the heavenly cloud better known as the Westin Signature #sleepwell Bed. Waking up after a wonderful night's sleep, we decided to give the Katamaya Dunes' massive 27-hole championship golf course to #playwell or at least #movewell. Lost in the sea of green, any stress remnants from life in Cairo were melted away, leaving only the frustration of struggling in the sand traps. We were shocked to discover that this magnificent golf course has been around for over five years, which easily explained why there were plenty of golfers playing and stunning greenery on each hole.After spending the whole morning golfing, we returned to the hotel to find an impressive and jaw-dropping brunch buffet awaiting us. Everything from sushi to mix grill to even roasted turkey were all beautifully displayed in the bountiful buffet, and within minutes we found our table completely covered with traditional classics and inventive offerings providing a delicious taste from around the world.
As our stay came to the close, we found ourselves very happy with our decision to spend the weekend in this unique staycation in Cairo. The service was exceptional and the atmosphere was luxuriously comfortable. As a new hotel, we felt that we had travelled to a well-kept secret oasis that no one knew about, creating a unique and memorable stay that is easily among the finest in Om el Donya.

For more information about The Westin Cairo Golf Resort & Spa visit their Facebook page.

Photography and Video by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions.

Photography by: Mohamed Mortada, Kareem Sabawy and Eihab Boraie

Videography by: Mohamed Daoud

Video edited by: Ahmed Aly