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Add an Adventure Zing to Your Travel Destinations With Trekklers

The spirit of adventure, coupled with the love for travel, pushed four best friends to create Trekklers, an adventure travel agency.

Travel on its own can be a very fun experience, adventure travel is a whole new dimension of fun. Have it be the adrenaline rush of climbing a mountain in an intense cold, or the calm of doing yoga overlooking the Pyramids, everyone unwinds in their own way. 

It’s this spirit of adventure, coupled with the love for travel, that pushed Ali Abdelghafar and three of his good friends, Alber Youssef, Rana Khalil and Mohamed Marzouk, to create Trekklers, an adventure travel agency. 

“Trekklers comes from the word trekking which means going on a journey — typically on foot so we thought the name is suitable for what our goal is; a long journey in nature on foot,” co-founder Abdelghafar told SceneTraveller. “As a travel addict, it was the founder’s idea to start Trekklers to build a family of adventure lovers wanting to explore new destinations and stepping out of their comfort zone.” 

Every client is a family member, and the trips are open to all. They love to see bonds form, some lasting a lifetime. Their only restriction would regard your level of fitness when it comes to more intense trips. After all, one can’t really climb a mountain with a bum knee. Every age group is not only welcomed, but encouraged to join. 

“We believe bringing different age groups together during our adventure helps us discover really interesting conversations and connections,” added Khalil.

When it comes to picking out their destinations, they’re very specific. ”We usually try to look for new adventures or hidden gems where people can connect with nature, get out of their comfort zone and connect with different cultures,” Abdelghafar continued. 

Their June roster of destinations is just as impressive as every other month. This June, Trekklers are, well, trekking into three of Egypt’s most iconic destinations, the White Desert between June 2nd and 4th, Magawesh Islands between June 23rd and 25th, and Marsa Allam between June 16th and 19th.  All three trips are very well priced. The White Desert is set at EGP 2900, Magawesh at  EGP 5300 and Marsa Allam at EGP 5300. 

Their out-of-Egypt experiences will be just as exciting, with a Sri Lanka adventure trip set between June 9th and 14th  and a yoga-fuelled Turkey trip on June 23rd to the 29th  to look forward to. The Sri Lanka trip will set you back USD 960. The Turkey trip, however, will cost you USD 770. 

For more information about the trips visit their instagram page @trekklers, or email them on