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Armani Hotel Makes Stylish Entry Into Saudi Arabia’s Historic Diriyah

Global luxury brand Armani is building their third hotel in Diriyah, the capital of the first Saudi state and the kingdom’s most promising emerging tourist city.

With the brand's newest hotel in Diriyah, Armani Hotels & Resorts is prepared to make a spectacular arrival in Saudi Arabia in one of the kingdom’s most promising emerging tourist cities. We’re not just talking leather goods and gorgeous watches anymore - Armani is attaching its name to Saudi Arabian hospitality, setting the tone for the once-humble historic area of Diriyah.

The new Armani Hotel will have 70 elegantly built rooms, two restaurants and a high-end spa, overlooking Diriyah's ultra-luxury hotel and retail area. The hotel is attached to roughly 18 private self-contained ultra-luxury Armani Branded Residences with enormous interiors, outdoor pools, manicured terraces, and rooftops, all designed and equipped by Armani. And of course, as you might expect from the Armani brand, the suites all come with their own spa and swimming pool.

As far as Diryah itself is concerned, the city is a long-overlooked bastion of history, the cradle of the kingdom and the capital of the First Saudi State. The 300-year-old site lies just 15 minutes from Riyadh, and is considered an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Diriyah will be divided into 13 distinct districts when completed, each with its own museums, cultural institutions, fine dining, housing, hotel options, office space, shops, and outdoor attractions. After a USD 17 billion investment, it is expected to have a population of 100,000 people and more than 100 hotels.

Armani Hotel Diriyah is the third Armani property in the world, and it represents a new take on Armani hospitality. In terms of design, it takes inspiration from its two previous properties in Dubai and Milan, and marries it with newer inspirations from Arabesque design. The hotel has been developed by the DGDA along with Giorgio Armani and his in-house team of interior designers and architects.

Playing off of the unique architecture and landscape of Diriyah, the new stay’s design is characterised by essential lines that enhance the precious materials utilised, and a subtle interplay of volumes, light and shadow — perfectly in line with the aesthetics and landscape of Saudi Arabia.