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Cairo is Getting its Very Own Mega ‘Eye’ Ferris Wheel

Following in the footsteps of other world-class city, Cairo is set to receive its own “Eye’ Ferris wheel, similar to the London Eye.

If you've ever been to London, or at least watched the sweeping opening of any show set in London (remember Sherlock? Before it got kind of weird?), then you know about the London Eye, a Ferris wheel of epic proportions that gives you a view of the whole of the former empire's capital. Imagine being able to rise just as high in Cairo, giving you a unique bird's eye view of anywhere between the Pyramids, the Nile and the districts that surround them. Well, you won't need to just imagine it soon enough. We're about to receive our very own version of the mega-Ferris wheel called the 'Cairo Eye’. Considered one of the biggest tourist attractions in other cities, these 'Eyes' can be found in London, Paris, and Las Vegas. They tend to be 50 metres tall and provide a panoramic view to 15,000 visitors each day, and Cairo's version is expected to have 32 cabins that provide a 40 km view all around.

Its exact location and opening dates haven't been determined yet, but we do know that it will be built in a strategic location next to one of the city’s major archaeological attractions. We’re rooting for the Pyramids of Giza— maybe by the time the wheel is done we'll have a nice view of the Grand Museum before it opens.

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