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Capture Peace With This Workshop in Egypt’s Nabq Natural Reserve

Only have a phone camera? You can still join and snap some pics of a dazzling meteor shower.

Venture 20 minutes South of Sharm International Airport and you’ll fall straight off the tourist track and stumble upon the ravishing Nabq Natural Reserve.

The protected reserve features soul-soothing desert scapes undulating into crystal clear waters teaming with mangrove forests, coral reefs and marine life.

On August 12th (yes we know it’s short notice but #SceneTraveller just launched and besides we’re here to encourage you to be spontaneous and adventurous) famed Egyptian travel storyteller ِAhmed ‘Project’ Wahba and inspiring Egyptian (New York based) yogi Amina Taha Yoga will be taking you into the heart of Nabq for an unforgettable photography and yoga workshop in partnership with Eco Egypt Experiences - the platform created to reconnect travellers with Egypt’s extraordinary ecological sites.

Highlights of the trip include yoga under the stars (indeed the workshop coincides with the Perseid meteor shower!), snorkeling at Ras Mohammed, a bonfire movie night and a stay at the delightful Al Madawa Eco Village. “We designed this course in a way that marries the beauty of nature with the creativity of photography - not only do we want people to appreciate nature itself, but also how they can express that appreciation in their own unique style,” Wahba tells #SceneTraveller. “This is why we partnered up with Eco Egypt to provide a unique travel and learning experience.”

The workshop is open to all levels, and encourages people with any kind of equipment to join, whether it’s the most advanced camera on the market or a humble smartphone. To book your spot DM Project Wahba or e-mail