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Eco Egypt is Giving Us 360 Reasons to Visit Egypt

Egypt’s natural parks have some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself at one of Eco Egypt’s 360-degree virtual tours…

Excavate the outskirts of Beni Suef, hike the mountains of Nuweiba, unwind beneath Wadi El Gemal’s Acacia trees, and succumb to the simulated universe of #EcoEgyptin360. The Eco Egypt campaign is all about highlighting the beauty of Egypt’s ecosystems and capturing those experiences for budding adventurers, and they’re bringing them all directly to their screens through 12 new virtual tours of Egypt’s protected areas.

The all-encompassing AI experience grants you access to the region’s most venerated monuments and ecological locations, ultimately reimagining how we experience Egypt’s native landscapes. With sustainability at the forefront of their work, Eco Egypt centralises conservation within everything they do; consolidating Egyptian treasures through viable - and, in this case, digitised - means.

Travel enthusiasts can partake in an immersive 360-degree AI-powered tour, bending time at one of the world’s oldest emerald mines, nestling amongst Modawara mountain’s sand dunes, dipping their virtual toes into Egypt’s coveted natural reservoirs, or witnessing some of the world’s most diverse ecosystems in the comfort of their own home.

These virtual tours are shareable on WhatsApp and Facebook, bringing a collective aspect into play. In coalescing local heritage, experiences, and voices, the tours become a lens into the everyday life of tribespeople. Paying tribute to traditional craftsmanship and practices, these tours bring you all the way down to Earth with the very essence of Egypt’s varied cultures - and who knows, maybe it’s the push you need to set sail on your own adventures to these very places.

You can find out more about #EcoEgyptin360 at or @ecoegyptexperiences on Instagram.