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Egypt Dubbed the 27th Best Country For Road Trips By Holidu

We’re one of the world’s most active road trippers for a reason, it just comes organically.

We lie in wait for long weekends aching for national holidays because if there’s one thing Egyptians are notorious for, it's packing our bags, grabbing our car keys, and going on a three-night getaway to the nearest beach. It's a pretty big deal, we’re quite literally Holidu’s 27th best country for cross-country tourism.

Tech travel company Holidu has just released their list of the most active road trippers, with Egypt ranking 27th in a list of 118 countries. The country is home to the world’s most vast seas, with the new El Galala Road giving us ample infrastructure to enjoy swift - and more importantly, enjoyable - trips. The list features a collection of standout travel hotspots, including Mexico, Brazil and Peru, encompassing the world’s most remarkable mountains, beaches, and forests.

The list was compiled with a variety of factors in mind, ranging from available wildlife, nature reserves, and landscapes, to World Heritage Sites, infrastructure, and most importantly gas prices.