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Egypt's Extraordinary Eco-lodges

It's Ramadan, which means it's time to slow down and reflect on yourself. And what better place to do that than in some of Egypt's most gorgeous eco-lodges?

‘Tis the season for serenity. And where better to cave out a little space for self-reflection than at some of the country’s most beautiful ecolodges. Here are just a few of our favourites…


The jewel of Siwa, this lodge - seemingly carved out of the desert sands - is a beacon for the world’s jet set looking to escape and reconnect with nature (and themselves). There have been books written (literally) and reams of global press devoted to how extraordinary Adrere Amellal is.


One of the most photogenic locations in Aswan, Ana Kato is a favourite amongst travellers for its colourful buildings.


Located on a 45 acre olive farm in Tunis Village, Kom El Dikka lets you escape the city and find your connection to the land with their agri tourism programme for the whole family.

DAR-JAN, Nuweiba

Dar-Jan was founded by an Egyptian couple in Nuweiba as an art and farming space to foster community, rebalance your chakras, and learn new skills with their carefully curated workshops.

BASATA, Nuweiba

One of the oldest ecolodges in Egypt, Basata has served as a serene Nuweiba escape from our concrete jungle since 1986.

AL TARFA, Dakhla Oasis

Winning multiple awards by Conde Nast Traveller and Harper’s Bazaar, and voted one of the World’s Top 100 Hotels and Resorts, this lodge is an immaculate desert sanctuary in Dakhla Oasis.

EL HAMMRA, Wadi Al-Natrun

Located in Wadi Al-Natrun, this vibrant family-owned ecolodge overlooks El Hamra Salt Lake and its private gorgeous green landscapes.


Experience magical candle-lit nights on this private farm nestled between the desert mountains and the Siwa Lake.