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Egypt to Promote All 27 Governorates Every Day Until World Tourism Day

Egypt begins its daily promotional campaign until World Tourism Day on September 27th to celebrate 27 reasons to visit Egypt.

From now until September 27th, Egypt's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities will dedicate each day to celebrating all 27 of Egypt's govenorates across social media. Egypt will highlight everything there is to do and see across the nation, whether they're at touristic hotspots like Cairo with its sprawling urban landscape teeming with centuries of history and Luxor with its ancient temples flanked by green farmland, or at lesser known destinations like the shores of Port Said where you can find the world's oldest concrete lighthouse and the valleys of Fayoum where you can see their titanic whale fossils at Wadi al-Hitan.

It's all in keeping with the spirit of World Tourism Day, an annual event by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) to promote lesser known tourist opportunities and ensure that no stone is left unturned. This year, in the aftermath of COVID-19 restrictions that put a screeching halt to international travel in 2020, UNWTO is advocating even harder for the obscure and the forgotten with this year's slogan, 'Tourism for Inclusive Growth'.

The celebration begins with an exploration of Egypt's Red Sea governorate. Although it's best known for the coastal resorts of Sharm el-Sheikh with its vibrant coral reefs, lively night life, and long-standing diving institutions, the Red Sea govenorate is full of underrated cities and towns that offer some of the best kitesurfing and watersports destinations in the world.