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Egyptian Design Team Creates Dream Destination in Seychelles

Serving eco-chic castaway vibes by award-winning Egyptian design team G&G Grace, the luxurious Club Med Seychelles is literally the only hotel you can stay in on the island of Saint Anne.

Serving eco-chic castaway vibes, Club Med Seychelles is literally the only hotel you can stay in on the island of Saint Anne. The Robinson Crusoe-inspired luxury resort’s sense of enviable isolation isn’t reserved for its surroundings. Its interior design - put together by leading design firm G&G Grace which boasts offices in Cairo, Dubai, and Nairobi - follows suite, with furniture, decorations and artwork that have all been influenced by the island’s colourful palette of flora and fauna. Having recently earned an International Property Award, Club Med Seychelles’ interiors bring the outdoors in, allowing guests to indulge in the untamed wilderness they would otherwise only see through their windows.

Located some 1,500 kilometres off the eastern coast of Africa, the archipelagic nation of Seychelles boasts an abundance of tropical beauty across its 115 islands. Reminiscent of the kind of idyllic island paradises you only see in the movies, with mountainous rainforests surrounded by crystal clear waters and coruscating coral reefs, guests at Saint Anne can explore the vitality of nature through Club Med Seychelles’s wide range of activities. Here, yoga sessions are held under the heavy canopy of the rainforests, where peace can be found in the company of skittering insects and jubilant tropical birds. A catamaran brings all those on board on an island hopping adventure around Saint Anne’s neighbouring isles. And while the sounds of the jungle can never be silenced, it can at least be used as a mesmerising backdrop to a private candlelit dinner on the beach, or a soak in the hotel’s infinity pool with a full view of the ocean.

Travellers to Seychelles will need proof of a PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before flight departure in order to enter the country.