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Egyptian Wanderer Quits Her Banking Job To Wander The World

We dream about it. Some realise it.

Everyone can admit that we all stare with big envious eyes at those people on the internet who have freed themselves from the daily grind and go on journeys of self-discovery all over the world. This is, of course, because while we’re here enduring meetings, ruining our posture and geting all fat on fast food, they’re out there learning new languages and flirting with handsome European guys over exotic non-fast-food dishes. 

Omniya Fareed, a 26-year old Egyptian blogger, photographer, and traveler is one such wanderer. Touring the world for the past four years, this wandering soul made the decision to quit the drudgery of her banking job to pursue the finer aspects of life that often get downplayed by layers of paperwork and mundane conversation.

Italy, Germany, South Korea, Morocco, and France are only some of the stops that Fareed has made so far on her epic, four year adventure. Fareed doesn't seek out high end spots either. She travels on a serious budget as her main passion lies in the thrill of new places and their true essence, instead of just spoiling herself in foreign hotels. 

While our minds might wander every now and then to the alleys of a real China Town or the cobblestones of an Irish street, others have made the decision and are getting up and taking the risks to reach such places.

So, Kudos to Fareed and all travelers like her. Maybe one day others among us will take a similar leap.


Check out Fareed’s stunning visuals from around the world on her website, Om to The World, Facebook page and Instagram account.