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Escape to the Mountains of Lebanon With These Earthly Stays

The reclusive mountainsides of Lebanon boasts some of the most lively lodges you can ask for above a certain altitutde. Here are some of the country's greenest and most soul-healing mountain stays...

It’s time to fully actualize your best easy breezy Covergirl life and hide out in a snug mountainside lodge because if there’s one thing that everyone needs post-work week is to BE a recluse. Lebanon does not shy away from facilitating that exact sentiment, the regional gem - whilst far from hidden - has favourably lent itself to accommodating our ‘hide-out’ fantasy. In this list, you’ll be acquainted with Lebanon’s most elusive and soul-healing mountain stays.


Mist Hotel & Spa by Warwick - the global chain and England-based franchise - has taken to the Lebanese mountainside to denounce their ever-so-corporate repertoire and adopt the fun, witty, and quirky atmosphere we’d rather have during our mountainside vacations. Snuggled amidst greenery and stoney hills, the five-star hotel is located on the foothills of Ehden Mountain, and - by default - the centre of our attention.


It’s hard not to draw comparisons to a certain magical boarding school that would send an invitation to our 13 year old’s window (except our own, it seems), but between its charming villas and sprawling gardens it’s just as difficult to avoid getting enchanted. What we truly cannot seem to get over is the way in which Lebanon’s snowy winters make the resort twinkle beneath their shadows.


Cottage-core actualized, Beyt El Jabal is where you go if perhaps mountain lodges are perhaps too small for you. Go big or go home, and going home is not an option with that gorgeous mountain view out your window. Located in Old Deir El Qamar, Beyt El Jabal is a grandiose lodge that is serving - both literally and metaphorically - brunch with a cocktail in hand as you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the sight of the forest before you.


If you’re currently finding yourself buying house plants every other day and surrounding yourself with life as a means of enriching your existence, then Bzerkey -  with its focus on sustainability and nature conservation - is for you. Between its guest houses, pottery studio, and restaurant famous for cultivating its own ingredients, your view of the Chouf Mountains has never been greener (in all senses of the phrase).


Whilst ‘Baylodge’ feels like the geographical equivalent of ‘eyebrows are sisters, not twins’ the unexpected bridging of sea views and mountain hikes is proving to be the ultimate getaway for indecisive air signs. If you’re obsessed with scenic drives but the sun is never on your side then perhaps a room wedged into Lebanon’s crevices is where you can protect your sensitive skin and still inject a little tranquillity back into your life.