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Euphoric Cultural Travellers ‘On The Road: Restoring Egypt’s Tourism

Travel company On The Road is partnering with AIESEC to send foreigners around the cities of Egypt in a scenic attempt to restore our tourism industry.

All those bloody Instagrammers who post spellbinding snaps of a cave they’ve discovered, or a mystical lookout that seems to have come straight out of Harry Potter. We’ve always wanted to visit places like that and go on adventures in the wilderness. But where? Where on Earth do these people find those places?

When we think about going on a road trip, we flashback to American country films set in a dry desert outback, with the sound of a rattling snake in the background. But, in reality, we can achieve something a lot more colourful – and Instagrammable!Chatting with the founders of On The Road, a travel company dedicated to providing travellers with organised trips where you can venture the hidden gems of Egypt, we learn that Ahmed Al Taher and his best mates Mohamed Hassan and Ahmad Ali have partnered with AIESEC to develop a unique experience for foreigners and travellers with the aim of getting them around to 15 cities in Egypt. The decline of the tourism industry in Egypt has been a major motivator for the three friends to try and cultivate original and characteristic journeys. “We don’t only focus on travelling, but we would like to add culture”, they told us. As previous AIESECers, the boys believe that in partnership with AIESEC they will be able to highlight Egypt’s cultural differences and use that as a key attraction to their company. Finally, a cultural experience that does NOT include pyramids and camels.Some of the best feedback they received was from a trip they organised in Fayoum. "Fayoum is so underrated in Egypt," they tell us. "People don’t really know or expect the beauty that is there.”

On The Road is an innovative and unique travel company whose efforts to restore Egypt’s tourism cannot be gone unnoticed. 

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Photos courtesy of On The Road