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Explore Ismailia's Dazzling Date Farms with This Unique Day Trip

Bask in the sun and smell nature’s fruit with this Al Badrashin day excursion.

Dates have historically been one of Egypt’s most important, if not iconic, exports. Just like the typical Egyptian, they’re sugary sweet on the outside yet tough as nails on the inside if you mistakenly bite into their pits. Sure you can go to ancient temples and dive to the bottom of the Red Sea, but if you really want to get to know Egypt at its very foundation, may we recommend a trip to a date farm?

Egyptian tourist agency Rove Egypt is organising a day trip on September 17th to Cairo’s Al Badrashin area, known for its abundant agriculture, green landscapes and - most especially - its dates. For EGP450 (or $29 ), the day excursion will give you the chance to see how dates are collected from the top of Egypt’s towering palm trees using ancient methods that have survived through centuries of tradition. If you’re daring enough, you may even have the chance to try it for yourself...

To book the trip, visit @roveegypt’s page or call them on +201110650099. For travellers entering Egypt, a negative PCR test must be presented upon departure that is no older than 72 hours.