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Gallop Through the Wonders of Ancient Egypt with Tal3t Kheal

Tal3t Kheal is a local horse-riding stable at the foot of Sakkara Pyramid, offering tourists horseback tours by ancient tombs or the oases of Fayoum.

The Egyptians have been using horses to get around since 1700 BC, when these majestic creatures were introduced to the Nile Delta from the east. Who could forget that iconic image of a pharaoh charging into battle on a horse-drawn carriage, bows drawn during an epic battle? (Especially since it’s on all of their EGP 20 bills). Egyptians might not ride horses into battle any more, but they’re still a part of their lives, whether to pull the farmer’s wares down the streets of Cairo, or to perform an Arabian dance. And - just a twenty minute drive away from the Great Pyramids of Giza - they’re being employed to take visitors on horseback tours across some of Egypt’s most majestic terrain.

A local horse-riding stable at the foot of Sakkara Pyramid, ‘Tal3t Kheal’ was founded three years ago by Omar Abo Karama to give tourists a unique experience by the nearby pyramids. Tal3t Kheal doesn’t constrain itself to the deserts of Sakkara; it takes its horses to Fayoum every weekend, letting riders take absolutely gorgeous shots together in - and we mean actually in - the oases.

The small team has gone out of their way to foster deep interpersonal connections with riders, cultivating a tight-knit community. “At Tal3t Kheal you will find the most diverse group of people ever,” founder Abo Karama tells SceneTraveller. “Over 50 people of completely different mindsets, backgrounds, beliefs, and age ranges. But somehow we have built an unbreakable bond and we welcome new people every day.”

Operating by a “no-rule” mentality, Tal3t Kheal tailors all their tours to the riders, accommodating their requests no matter how bizarre. This commitment to satisfaction has made the stable a household name in the horse-riding community, building a community of regulars who feel more like family.

Rides in Sakkara are available between 8 AM and 2 PM, with intro sessions available for beginners, and cost EGP 200. Fayoum trips are held every Saturday, and cost EGP 600. Fees include bus, transportation, breakfast, lunch and of course the horseback ride itself.