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Get Castaway on this Secluded Island in Egypt’s Lake Siwa

Located 13 kilometers from Siwa’s downtown, this idyllic resort is close enough to easily reach all the sought-after attractions yet far enough to be immersed in complete solitude and tranquility.

They say “No man is an island,” but sometimes you want to insist otherwise - and what better way to do that than by escaping to a literal island? Just off the shores of Siwa Lake, Taghaghien Island Resort - located on the tiny Taghaghien Island - is a rustic eco-lodge that offers complete solitude and tranquility amidst the western desert landscape of Egypt’s Siwa.

This remote desert haven is representative of Siwa’s laid-back, eco-friendly stays calling on travellers to discover the joys of its sublime scenery. Siwa is situated 560 km from Cairo, and is famed for its fresh springs that give life to olive trees and date palms, while housing some of the most humble stays in the country.

Embracing the spirit of the Siwan culture and allowing nature to breathe, Taghaghien Island Resort espouses eco-friendly practices with their sustainable designs. The 30 bungalows scattered around the island are built with limestone rock borrowed from the neighbouring oasis mountains, salt extracted from nearby lakes, and mudbrick. Even the furniture is made from reclaimed wood.

Along with the use of natural resources, Taghaghien uses local manpower and low energy consumption to support the local community and conserve the local environment. Electricity on the island only runs for a few hours after sunset. Speaking of electricity, did we mention the private island has its own electric vehicle charging station, so you can spend the night and drive away with a fully charged car? The term we used was ‘rustic’, not ‘paleolithic’.

Each of the round palm thatched roof bungalows can accommodate two people, and come with their own ensuite bathroom. The island also offers an on-site restaurant, an elevated spacious rooftop overlooking the entire island and a reception area featuring a Western-style bar.

If all you want to do is connect with nature, there is ample opportunity for it. Surrounded by turquoise waters, the island offers panoramic views of Siwa’s peculiar limestone rock formations, fruitful palm trees, and a sea of golden desert. If you look the other direction, right dead centre of the island, you’ll find a four-metre deep Roman cold spring, perfect for a rejuvenating dip, and an outdoor fireplace, besides which you can wile away the chilly desert nights.