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Meet The American Globetrotter Travelling The World in a Mo Salah Jersey

Kerry Macuska has been to 40 countries but Egypt is by far her favourite.

You can barely go 5 minutes without having someone mention Mo Salah. If it's not on everyone's lips, it sure as hell is on their screens. In a mere two years, Salah has climbed from barely-known through to iconic football status and arguably became one of the most famous Egyptians ever. On almost a weekly basis, Salah has been making headlines around the world ever since he signed with Liverpool a year ago. From carrying Egypt's national team to the World Cup for the 1st time in three decades to being voted PFA's Player of The Year a couple of weeks ago, Salah's popularity soared throughout the world. Last week, we stumbled upon one travel blogger, namely Kerry Macuska, who seems to have wholeheartedly embraced her obsession with Salah.Kerry Macuska, AKA KerrySomwehre, has been travelling the world for nearly four years now. After concluding that her job in the education technology industry doesn't need more than a laptop and an internet connection, she gave up her apartment and off exploring she went. In January 2017, she landed in Egypt for the first time, and it was love at first sight. "I've been to over 40 countries and Egypt is by far my favourite," Kerry tells us. "Aside from how surreal it was to actually see the sights and tombs I've been learning about all my life, I also fell in love with the Egyptian people who have been very hospitable and made every effort to help me feel safe and comfortable during my time there."

Mo Salah signing with Liverpool gave Kerry another strong reason to fall more in love with Egypt; if that's even possible. Growing up a football fan and player herself, Kerry has been a die-hard fan of Liverpool for almost 17 years now. That was when she decided to travel the world wearing Mo Salah's Liverpool t-shirt."Earlier on in the season, people didn't really have much to say about Mo Salah's name on the back of my shirt. But over the past few months, everyone wants to talk to me about the Egyptian King," explained Kerry. "In Thailand, people were giving me thumb-ups and saying Mo Salah. Once in Jordan, kids gathered around me and began singing a song about him. In Egypt, naturally, I couldn't walk a minute without having someone shouting his name to me or people wanting to take photos with me."

Not only is it his achievements in sports, but also his manners and character that kept Kerry's admiration of Salah growing. "I have immense respect for Salah. Despite getting famous and rich overnight, he has shown such humility and dedication to his beliefs. Not only is he donating money to his country and hometown, Salah is potentially also breaking long-held stereotypes about Muslims. He's such a role model and I'm proud to be wearing his t-shirt everywhere."Her combined love for Egypt and Salah have also landed her on another decision. Since her homeland, the US, hasn't qualified for the 2018 World Cup, it was quite an easy job finding another team to root for. "I have decided to root for Egypt this World Cup. I understand how important this is to Egyptians since the country hasn't qualified to the competition since 1990, but I do believe Egypt will do great this year and we'll see the team move past their initial group of Uruguay, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. It's going to be an exciting summer."

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