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King Farouk’s Tea Hall in Montazah Palace Opens to the Public for the First Time

The 1936 Romanesque tea hall at Montazah Palace, which was once exclusively used by King Farouk's royal family, has just opened its doors to the public for the very first time after renovations.

montazah palace

Located in the centre of an open courtyard in the lush gardens of Alexandria's Montazah Palace, King Farouk's tea hall has long been the exclusive hang-out spot for members of the royal family. And once the notion of Egyptian royalty stopped being a thing, their tea hall has been closed off to everyone for decades. But now - after a good deal of renovations - the tea hall is available to the public! Humble plebeians like ourselves can have a pleasant brunch overlooking a regal view of the sea, as long as we're willing to pay the EGP 75 ticket price (drink included!).

Designed by architect Mustafa Pasha Fahmy and built in 1936, the hall is modelled after the Roman style of architecture, and includes a large frontrunner preceded by four marble statues, depicting women who symbolize the four seasons. Classic vibes all around. Can you see yourself visiting this vintage spot the next time you're out for tea?