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Mini Versions of Iconic Egyptian Landmarks at Hurghada's Mini Egypt Park

Seeing all of Egypt's iconic landmarks in one day is an accomplishment; seeing them all in one day in miniature form is priceless – and a little hilarious.

Taking field trips to Egypt's landmarks was so much fun when we were young but, frankly, we barely remember anything. Our main concern at the time was what songs we'd sing on the way there and back, and gossiping in a closed claustrophobic space about who had a crush on whom. But now we're old and frail, and we don't know how many of these landmarks we can actually visit, but we need to because we feel very on the spot when foreigners ask us about things in our country we haven't seen yet. Guilty So next time we're picking the Red Sea beaches over an expedition to the pyramids, or we have friends from foreign lands who don't have the time to travel all across the country, we're hitting up Mini Egypt Park. It's seriously as cute as it sounds. This place has mini figures of all of Egypt's historical and architectural landmarks – from The Cairo Tower to the Karnak Temple – minus the 'Mona + A7mad' graffiti, of course. Each site has a station where you can pose, take pictures, and pretend you've been everywhere, except mini – we suggest outfit changes and a skilled photographer so it's believable. 

Photos retrieved from Hurghadians' Facebook page.