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National Project to Restore Fayoum's Lake Qarun is Underway

Popular among tourists and bird watchers, the project to restore Lake Qarun is expected to take around three years.

One of the oldest natural lakes in the world, Lake Qarun stretches through the belly of Egypt’s Fayoum, and is a popular spot for travellers and locals alike. Now the lake’s environmental balance is being restored through a national project by the Ministry of Environment and a handful of other governmental and private agencies.

The project will begin with an environmental impact assessment study for the salt extraction project in the north side of the Lake, which covers approximately 4000 acres, before moving on to water sanitation and sewage disposal. LE 200 million has been allocated for the Kom Oshim industrial wastewater treatment project to enhance the water quality. Overall, the undertaking is expected to take around three years. 

The Ministry of Irrigation is working to increase the water levels of Lake Qarun, while the Ministry of Agriculture undertakes the task of studying the fisheries and restoring aquamarine life to normal levels.