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New #ThisIsEgypt Video Inspires Wanderlust

Joining the massive #ThisIsEgypt campaign, Dune Raider and AIESEC GUC have collaborated to craft a video where stunning locations and intrepid rides spark the travel bug in anyone.

Created through the collaboration of backpackers, artists, and event organisers, a new video joins the #ThisIsEgypt campaign, celebrating the country’s diversity and multicultural heritage in 90 seconds of stunning shots, from aerial takes to the intimate moments on the top of Mount Saint Catherine.

The video is the result of a cooperation between AIESEC GUC and Dune Raider, known for organising the mother of modern spiritual festivals, Rou7, and promises to be the first of many collaborations. Touring Egypt for 14 days, the artists – led by director Ahmed Nashaat – tour through eight different cities, from Minya to Luxor, Aswan, Marsa Alam, Hurghada, Ras Sudr, Saint Catherine, and Dahab.

Filmed by Mostafa Naguib, Hesham Amin, and Ahmed Thabet, the images are paired with the wit and music of Mohab Ramadan, one of the country’s most promising composers and member of CairoScene. But there are more astounding shots to come as the initiative, part of the Backpacking Egypt project, promises to bring one video for each destination soon.  

For more information, visit Dune Raider's Facebook page.