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PCR Tests for Travellers in Egypt Are Getting Cheaper

Here are the numbers you need to know about the price changes in PCR tests for travellers coming in or going out of Egypt.

PCR tests for travellers entering or exiting Egypt have had their prices reduced. The price for the diagnostic test has dropped from EGP 1,200 to EGP 900 for Egyptian travellers, and from EGP 1,600 (approx. USD 100) to EGP 1,200 (approx. USD 75) for non-Egyptian travellers. The step was taken to reflect falling prices in PCR test kits in general.

For the first time, Egypt will also provide for a same-day COVID-19 test, which will cost EGP 1,600 for Egyptian travellers, and EGP 1,800 (approx. USD 115) for non-Egyptian travellers.