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Platinum Coated Desert Adventures in Dubai

Platinum Heritage was awarded the prestigious World Travel Award for the Middle East’s Leading Desert Safari for five years in a row (2016-2020).

Dubai's inclination towards opulence extends beyond the city limits, well into the desert that surrounds it. Although Dubai is known for its urban landscape which pierces the heavens with its skyscrapers, a full 5% of the emirate is made up of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve - a nearly untouched expanse of nature established in 2002.

Yet Dubai is still Dubai, and while most desert adventures satisfy with a nature hike and a traditional dinner with a local tribe, Platinum Heritage Dubai - the foremost ecotourist desert safari in Dubai - follows the emirate’s philosophy of all extra, all the time. Having been awarded the prestigious World Travel Award for the Middle East’s Leading Desert Safari for five years in a row (2016-2020), Platinum Heritage’s Royal Platinum Desert Experience drives guests through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve in the back of a luxurious, air-conditioned Land Rover and towards a luxury safari experience.

It may sound like an oxymoron, but it makes perfect sense when you’re there. It’s no small task to protect Dubai’s silky sand dunes and preserve its gorgeous wildlife, including the Arabian oryx with their spear-like antlers, the lumbering camel, or the soaring falcon. Guests will be treated to a night under the stars in a traditional Arabian stone dwelling at their own private desert set-up on the grounds of the Royal Family. There they will be able to watch a spectacular demonstration by falcons. Cosied up at their private oasis, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a six-course gourmet dinner prepared on-site with local ingredients, and you can also have a private musician serenade you for an additional out-of-package cost. You could almost forget you’re on safari in a nature reserve. Like we said. All extra, all the time.

The Royal Platinum Desert Experience offers private cars starting from $3,676. Travellers to Dubai must have a RT-PCR test done within 72 hours before departure, and travellers from select nations will need to take another PCR test on arrival.