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'Queens of Egypt' Exhibition to Showcase Ancient Egypt's Power Women

Canadians are set to experience the ways of life (and death) of Egypt’s iconic Ancient queens: Nefertari, Nefertiti, and Hatshepsut in this exhibit at the Canadian Museum of History.

As they have for the past 3,500 years, Ancient Egyptian queens like Nefertari, Nefertiti, and Hatshepsut continue to embody the essence of womanhood: resilient, powerful, and innately influential. Lucky for them, Canada is about to get an exclusive taste of what the life (and death) of these quintessential royals would’ve been like.

From May 19th to August 29th, Canadians will be able to encounter over 300 of Egypt’s Queens’ belongings at the Canadian Museum of History. The exhibit will include Nefertari, Nefertiti, and Hatshepsut’s monumental statues, sarcophagi, funerary objects, and jewellery.