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Red Sea's Berenice International Airport Welcomes Its First Arrivals

The Berenice International Airport welcomes its first arrivals, along with the hope that the port will boost the countrys tourism as it recovers from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marsa Alam’s long-awaited Berenice International Airport has finally opened its gates and welcomed its first arrivals.

A special ceremonial gift was bestowed upon the ِEgyptAir passenger plane which carried 60 passengers: the time-honoured tradition of a Water Salute. The universal ritual involves spraying water above the landing aeroplane as it completes its inaugural flight to form a cute aquatic arch. It’s sort of an aeronautical baptism.

After various delays to its official opening, Berenice International Airport - located approximately 50km south of Wadi El Gamal National Park in the Marsa Alam region of the Red Sea governorate - comes as a boost for the country’s tourism industry as it recovers from the global travel disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. With a capacity to hold 600 passengers per hour in its terminal, the new airport boasts a 3.6 km air corridor which can accommodate up to eight aircrafts.

At a cost of EGP 2.3 billion, the airport is considered of major importance as it brings travellers to a Red Sea region rich with touristic gems.