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Remal El Rayan is the New Ultimate Glamping Experience in Fayoum

A brand new ultra-lux glamping experience just dripping with style, Remal el Rayan sits in an unrivaled spot in the heart of Fayoum’s Wadi El Rayan Protectorate.

Home to a wealth of Egypt’s most surprising natural marvels, Fayoum is a treasure trove of ecological hotspots, ancient waters and unspoiled desert, earning it a reputation as a regional eco-tourism hotspot. A microcosm of Fayoum’s rich and diverse terrain, Remal el Rayan is an ultra-glamp experience just dripping in style, sitting in an unrivaled spot in the heart of the Wadi El Rayan Protectorate, flanked by a lake on one side and endless stretches of desert on the other.

At Remal el Rayan, rustic charm meets chic minimalism. Set to open soon, the glamorous camp’s beachwood exterior, marble accents and neutral colour scheme stand in stark contrast to the humble, back-to-basics camps found scattered about Fayoum. Remal el Rayan hopes to elevate the desert camping experience, offering seven private domes equipped with all the indoor posh amenities you’d find at a traditional hotel stay. The plush bedding, en-suite bathroom, minibar and outdoor Jacuzzi will have you asking ‘how exactly is all of this possible in the middle of the desert?’

Well, the road to getting here wasn’t exactly easy, claims co-founder and self-proclaimed desert enthusiast Mohamed Tahoun. “I got the idea for the camp about five years ago. It took me more than three years to get the right permissions from the Ministry of Environment given we’re in a protected area, Wadi el Ryan,” Tahoun tells SceneTraveller. “We had to follow strict regulations to ensure everything is eco-friendly from the building materials to our energy consumption.”

Respecting the protectorate, Remal el Rayan was constructed using locally-sourced, environmentally friendly materials, going as far as to collect stones from its surrounding deserts to blend into the infrastructure. This ultra-glam experience stays true to the local heritage, even naming its on-site restaurant ‘Lummaya’ which means ‘water’ in the local Fayoumi dialect.

In the morning, you will be able to bask in the scenic views of the protected desert wilderness of Wadi el Rayan, dotted with dramatic sandstone sculptures and a charming smattering of greenery, all from the comfort of your own private dome. At night, the camp comes to life, emitting a warm yellow glow that stretches far into its surrounding landscape, allowing travellers to take in the whimsical night scenery and stargaze under a brilliant canopy of stars.

With a desert for a backyard, Remal el Rayan offers an exhilarating array of activities and excursions from sandboarding and beach buggies to zip lining and 4x4 adventures.