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Saudi Arabia’s NEOM to Receive Massive ‘Trojena’ Ski Village

Set in the centre of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious NEOM city, Trojena will be the first outdoor skiing site of its size in the GCC region.

Saudi Arabia isn’t all deserts and exotic Orientalism, and the kingdom is determined to prove it by pouring its resources into tourism in its coasts, nature reserves, and now, its mountain ranges. NEOM - Saudi Arabia’s ambitious smart city project - will be the site of a new eco-tourism destination called ‘Trojena’, a massive ski village built 2,600 metres above sea level. It’ll be the first outdoor skiing site of its size in the GCC region.

Set for completion by 2026, Tojerna will be THE place to go if you are ever at the centre of the kingdom, just 50km from the Gulf of Aqaba, and you find yourself overcome with the urge to go skiing. The town will consist of six districts - named ‘Gateway’, ‘Discover’, ‘Valley’, ‘Explore’, ‘Relax’ and ‘Fun’ - that seem designed with the tourist experience in mind, judging by their respective designations.These districts will house a wide range of activities and facilities, from ultra-luxury family and wellness resorts to retail stores and restaurants and interactive nature parks alongside sites for water sports and mountain biking.

This isn’t to say that Trojena will solely be a tourist destination - the development will also include the ‘Slope Residences,’ which will be located near the ski slope overlooking the lake, and will blend in with the surrounding landscape. Talk about natural living. Upon completion, the town plans to hold around 7,000 permanent residents by 2030, who will be able to enjoy year-round activities such as sports, art, music and cultural festivals.