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Seven Affordable Stays with Incredible Views of the Pyramids

Imagine waking up to a legendary view of the Great Pyramids of Giza, without losing sleep over your travel budget?

You don’t need to spend a pretty penny to enjoy million-dollar views. Nestled in the heart of Giza is an unassuming enclave of two and three star hotels boasting unbeatable views of the Great Pyramids - all with rooms that range from USD 30 to USD 100. Underpriced and underrated, what these hotels lack in luxury they more than make up for in magical vistas.

Pyramids View Inn

This charming bed and breakfast is true to its name, offering panoramic views of the Pyramids and the Sphinx from most of its rooms as well as its restaurant. Bask in the atmospheric surroundings of the spacious pyramid-side rooftop terrace scattered with simple wooden seating, offering guests to watch the sunset. At night, guests have front seat views of the popular Pyramids Sound and Light show from the rooftop.

Guests are welcomed into a bright lobby decorated with an array of ancient Egyptian statues. The open-plan dining area features a long banquet table and chairs, decorated with ancient Egyptian wall hangings and floor covering. The lounge has a comfortable seating area with an inviting array of sofas decorated with colourful animal-print cushions. The simply furnished rooms have an inimitable charm, set against a luxurious wooden ceiling and marble floors. The cream walls are lightly decorated with the occasional piece of Egyptian artwork. Rooms start from USD 32 for a double room, or from USD 76 for a two-bedroom apartment.

Marvel Stone Hotel

Just a stone's throw away from the Giza Plateau, Marvel Stone Hotel is a colourful multi-story hotel, popular with tourists looking to snag a bargain for an incredible view. This hotel features spacious rooms that are modest yet cozy, letting the pyramids do all the talking. Each room features large panoramic windows perfectly framing all three of the pyramids and the sphinx, giving guests an incredible sight to wake up to. Similar to many of the small hotels in the historic district, Marvel Stone has a simple rooftop boasting incredible views of the pyramids, which also serves as front row seats to the popular Pyramids Sound and Light show. Prices start from USD 29 for a double room.

Giza Pyramids View Inn

Known for their amicable staff and close proximity to the Giza Plateau, the Giza Pyramids View Inn is a cozy, slow-paced hotel that captures the spirit of ancient Egypt. The distance between the hotel and the pyramids is only 300 metres, and the entrance to the plateau is right across the road.

Peppered with pharaonic relics and traditional motifs, the lobby feels like stepping into a lavishly-decorated royal tomb. With splashes of royal blue and brilliant golden walls, the hotel celebrates its heritage with a cheerful energy.

By contrast the rooms are modestly furnished with no-frills decor. The star of the show, after all, is the view of the pyramids and the sphinx off the side of the balcony.

Breakfast is served à la carte in the early morning, encouraging guests to catch the sun rising over the pyramids. However, the hotel’s biggest asset is its outdoor terrace, with a spacious seating area that allows visitors to relax right next to an ancient world wonder.

Prices start at USD 47 for a deluxe queen double room and reach USD 99 for a quadruple room with balcony.

Pyramid Edge Hotel

Straddling the perimeter of the Giza Plateau, this charming hotel offers unimpeded views of the pyramids from most of its rooms, as well as its restaurant and summer terrace. Lay back and vibe with their spacious pyramid-side rooftop terrace, which comes with vibrant cushioned seating.

Undoubtedly, the hotel’s selling point is its in-room jacuzzis. Placed strategically under a wide window, every jacuzzi comes with a complimentary view of the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx.

Prices start from USD 54 for a standard twin room.

Nine Pyramids View Hotel

Although not as close to the historic sites as its counterparts, this newly opened hotel has quickly become a fan favourite. Situated in the heart of one of Giza’s lively local enclaves, Nine Pyramids View Hotel immerses travelers in the full Egyptian experience. Facing the Great Pyramids of Giza and surrounded by streets bustling with life, the hotel offers a dynamic experience to curious travellers.

Covering all the basics and decked out with a stellar restaurant and shared lounge, this hotel offers a more comfortable experience. Rooms are fashioned with a contemporary design, and some feature small balconies overlooking the pyramids or an idyllic garden.

Prices start at USD 47 for a twin room with balcony.

Atlantis Pyramids Inn

With its eccentric decor and bohemian outdoor seating, Atlantis Pyramids Inn stands in stark contrast to its neighbours. Its colourful accents are reminiscent of Nubia’s vibrant villages. The inn’s laid-back style interweaves traditional Egyptian motifs into every facet of the hotel.

A bright rainbow mural painted on the rooftop terrace frames the spectacular view of the pyramids and the infinite stretches of desert sprawling into the distance. The all-white rooms are embellished with delicate wooden furnishings and locally-sourced wall hangings. Although the rooms themselves don’t feature pyramid views, guests can head to the rooftop to enjoy the scenic view.

Prices start at USD 34 for a double room.

Guardian Guesthouse

This unassuming guesthouse goes back to basics with simply furnished rooms, covering the essentials while still maintaining a cozy atmosphere. The unabashedly Egyptian decor and furniture give the space a very home-like feel. Fashioned with wide windows spanning the width of the wall, the room is instantly engulfed in a view of the three great pyramids upon drawing the curtains.

This family-run hotel was established by two brothers looking to create a comfortable, hospitable space that offers an intimate experience without the exorbitant price tag of boutique hotels providing similar services. Situated in a bustling neighbourhood directly facing the Giza Plateau, the quaint stay boasts unobstructed views of the pyramids and sphinx from most of its rooms and the rooftop terrace.

Booking starts at USD 39 for a double room.