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Sharm El-Sheikh Receives First Direct Flight from UK in A Year

Following the removal of Egypt from the UK’s red list for travel, Sharm El Sheikh International Airport welcomed its first direct from London in over a year.

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport received its first direct flight from London on Saturday, with flights between the UK and Red Sea destinations after a suspension was enforced in September, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The flight arrived with 150 tourists from London Gatwick Airport, the first trip of its kind since the UK government's decision to remove Egypt from its travel ‘red list’. Now on the ‘amber list’, a medium-risk category per the UK's anti-coronavirus safety measures, travellers to Egypt will be subjected to less rigorous regulations and processes.

It’s understood that the number of weekly flights between the UK and the Red Sea will increase steadily until it reaches 20, though no timeline has been disclosed.