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Sphinx International Airport Planned to Accommodate 1.2 Million Travellers Annually

Sphinx International Airport will be able to host over one million travellers a year, to allow more tourists to check out Cairo on day trips.

Located only 12KM away from the pyramids, it's no surprise that the Sphinx International Airport has gotten tourists clamouring to fly there. As a result, the Ministry of Aviation has decided to increase the capacity of the airport to accommodate a little over one million travellers per year. Various airlines have been requesting to land in the airport to facilitate day trips to the pyramids and their surrounding area. The location holds special appeal for more beach-oriented tourists who want to spend their vacation at the Red Sea, but still want to check out Cairo’s fascinating archaeological treasures for the day (like the highly-anticipated Grand Egyptian Museum set to open any year now).

The airport will be able to accommodate 900 passengers per hour (a big upgrade from the current 300), which will add up to an more than one million passengers a year (or, if we want to be exact about it, one million two hundred a year. This paragraph has been brought to you by Maths).