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Take A Closer Look At Heliopolis’ Most Luxurious Award-Winning Hotel

The Gabriel has been winning World Luxury Hotel Awards for the last four consecutive years, and is set to continue that streak this year.

In the charming district of Heliopolis, stands the eternally opulent Gabriel boutique hotel. With its timeless qualities, and classic design, it’s a diamond in the rough among Cairo’s luxury hotels. Walking through its halls, it’s unbelievable to think this place only opened in 2012. One could be forgiven for thinking it came from an era long ago and long gone, but this place, firmly rooted in the present, and looking onward to the future, still manages to take you back to the golden age of elegance.

The Gabriel manages to make a perfect mix of the traditional and the contemporary. As you stand and admire the meticulous and beautiful interior design, you can’t help but imagine how this place will look in a hundred years’ time, or how it will plant itself into the collective consciousness of the capital’s residents, as have Cairo’s other iconic hotels have. This grand approach The Gabriel has taken to luxury hospitality is the reason why they have been consistently impressing at the annual World Luxury Hotel Awards.

The body was established in 2006 to reward hotels around the world for excellence in quality, hospitality, dining, and extravagance. Only hotels that are truly exceptional and have gone out of their way to please their guests get to join this highly prestigious club. A hotel which is awarded any one of their accolades can consider themselves to have reached their zenith, and will enjoy a legendary status for the rest of their history. So far, The Gabriel has already won an unbelievable nine awards in their five-year history.

It won the award for Luxury Boutique Hotel For Egypt four times consecutively between 2013 and 2016, and once for Luxury Design Hotel For Africa in 2014. Last year, The Gabriel was also awarded for Luxury Contemporary Design Hotel For Africa. SALT, The Gabriel’s own excellent and exquisite French restaurant, helped the hotel win the award for Luxury Best French Restaurant For Africa this year, an accolade they also won last year in the category of Egypt.

The Gabriel strives to continue their success and dedication to offering among the finest hospitality services in the world, and are looking to defend their titles in this year’s awards. They've been nominated for Luxury Boutique Hotel, Luxury Design Hotel, and Luxury Contemporary Hotel. If you have ever visited The Gabriel, either for a glamourous dinner or a relaxing stay, you know very well how much they deserve them. You can show your gratitude and appreciation for their impeccable service by voting for them on the World Luxury Hotel Awards official website. By doing so, you’ll also be helping Egyptian tourism!

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