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Take a Cosmic Vacation (For Real) With Spaceship Neptune

With US-based company Space Perspectives' newest spacecraft, Spaceship Neptune, you can have a celestial six-hour trip past the stratosphere and into the stars.

Five thousand years ago an Egyptian pharaoh asked his architect to build a giant structure that’d pierce the skies and look into space. Over fifty years ago the American government put a man on the moon. Nearly five years ago a South African billionaire tossed his car into the cosmos for god knows what reason. And now, finally, space is coming to the common man - or at least, the common man who can afford USD 125,000 for a fabulous six-hour trip to the stars.

US-based space voyage company, Space Perspectives, revealed its newest spacecraft capsule, Spaceship Neptune. The capsule was built at the Shuttle Landing Facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. With its reflective 360 windows designed for the most mind-boggling views of the galaxy and a luxuriously decked interior that includes reclining seats and a bar, the Neptune is obviously designed for splendour. If you’re going to fly where Jeff Bezos has gone, you’re going to fly exactly like Jeff Bezos.

The hot-air balloon look-alike seemingly holding the spaceship up is actually some wildly complex parachute meant to aid the descent of the capsule from space and back to Mother Earth. The hyper-futuristic spaceship is currently pending a patent for its innovative technology and interior design. The Neptune will only make its first trip in late 2024, with an expected capacity of nine individuals, eight passengers, and the designated pilot.

Moral of the story: taking a trip to space is now more feasible than getting that guy on Bumble to respond to you.