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The Most Romantic Superhost Airbnbs Across Egypt

These superhost-ranking Airbnbs from across Egypt are just the places to romance your better half.

Valentine’s Day is over, but every day can be a celebration of love when you’ve found your perfect someone - and the perfect spot to be with them. These superhost-ranking Airbnbs from across Egypt are just the places to romance your better half.


Jacuzzi by the Pyramids

Price: USD109 per night

It honestly wouldn’t be right to start this list in any way other than this famous Airbnb listing. This home is definitely the smallest stay on this list, but with views like that and a jacuzzi by the bed— it’s pretty much the textbook definition of romance.


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The Beach House at Hag Mousa 

Price: USD44 per night

Located in Dahab, this Arabesque-inspired condo is a departure into another era, situated between Assalah Beach and Eel Garden Reef. Tune into nature, and strengthen your bond with your significant other in this ever-calming setting. 


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Hadaba Villa on the Sea

Price: USD85 per night

This rustic escape is a Sharm El-Sheikh gem. Directly located on the Red Sea, and with its own private pool, the most romantic thing about this stay isn’t its proximity to nature or its exquisitely domed architecture— it’s the lush gardens that we imagine would provide the perfect setting to a cutesy walk with your love.


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Beit Ain al Haya

Price: USD107 per night

High ceilings, domes, and arches— this Fayoum stay is exactly where we imagine Laila and Majnoun, or even Scheherazade herself. Overlooking Lake Qarun, this Tunis Village villa invites you to enjoy the simpler things. Siri, play Alf Leila w Leila.


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Getaway Pyramids Villa

Price: USD600 per night

Another stay across the Giza Pyramids, we just couldn’t not include this listing. Exceptionally well decorated and exquisitely architectured— this spot is the stuff of dreams. A luxurious villa surrounded by palm trees within an impressively large garden estate, this stay comes with its own private chef and security staff. If that doesn’t impress your significant other, they’re either Elon Musk or y’all need to break up.


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The Malkata House

Price: USD66 per night

This rustic, domed Arabesque villa is located directly next to the mountains of Luxor’s Al Bairat. Nestled between the Temple of Medinat Habu and the Malkata Palace, from the roof you can have a candlelit dinner with your beau across a phenomenal view of the desert and the mountains. Indoors, the beautiful Arabian design is nearly as beautiful as your S.O.'s eyes (you can go ahead and steal that line if you want, it’s on us).

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Long Island Villa

Price: USD385 per night

This ultra-modern villa in the resort town of El Gouna is an airy, stylish place to romance your partner. Directly located on the lagoon, it has its own stunning pool and lets you look out at the waters unimpeded through its floor-to-ceiling windows.


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Eclectic Downtown Oasis

Price: USD109 per night

Located within an early 20th century building in the newly-renovated quarter of Downtown Cairo, this apartment features an exquisite curation of antique, vintage, and new design elements. From a cosy balcony for two, to an arched turret daybed, and a stunning king sized bed, this romantic pink-walled listing is just where the magic happens.


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