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The New Lego Hotel in Dubai is Every Kid’s Dream Come True

Dubai’s Legoland hotel positions children at the top of their guestlist - pun intended - where adults merely supervise their child-like escapades.

If you hear the words “Legoland Hotel” you just know it’s somebody’s childhood dream come true. Imagine a giant brick building made out of colourful Lego bricks, where every other room looks like a Lego set straight out of the toy store. Right next to Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park, just north of Abu Dhabi, the newly opened Legoland Hotel in Dubai is giving kids everywhere everything they need to build their own adventures.

Staying at the hotel could only be described as a Lego assault on the senses - and we mean that in the best way possible. Imagine a pirate themed room with a pirate ship bed and a treasure hunt. Imagine an Ancient Egypt-themed room that makes you feel like a tomb raider. Imagine a room themed after Mediaeval Europe, with knights and swords and coats of arms. Heck there’s even a room based on Ninjago, which frankly is one of those children’s cartoons that had no business being as good as it was.

There’s a crazy amount of attention to detail here - you could legitimately think someone shrunk you down and threw you into their toy closet. And that’s not even getting to the Lego-themed activities and entertainment.

All in-hotel activities and attractions have to be booked in advance as per pandemic mandates. That said, your stay includes breakfast and a one-time access to Legoland Theme Park or Water Park next door, with an option to upgrade if you like. You know, just in case sleeping inside a Lego castle’s dungeon isn’t enough of a childhood fantasy come to life.