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The Rustic Charms of Nubia at Aswan’s NUB Inn

Everything that is quintessentially Nubian is realised at this rustic Aswan escape.

Unlike most destinations in Egypt, travellers don’t frequent Aswan for sandy beaches or buzzing nightlife venues - it’s a purely cultural experience. Brightly coloured houses, bustling markets and crocodile taxidermy make for an authentic atmosphere. Along the Nile bank, one new inn champions the ethos of simplicity that makes Aswan so prepossessing. Constructed with the same clay, sand, and rice husk mud bricks that the majority of Aswan homes are made of, NUB Inn is a polychromatic, capsuled Nubian experience.

The boutique stay features just 16 rooms in total, which directly overlook the Nile. Away from the pollution of Cairo, the waters of the Nile in the south boast an uncontaminated, vivid blue sheen. NUB Inn’s rooms - as colourful and rustic as any other home in Aswan - feature the area’s signature domed brick ceilings, which distribute the sun’s heat indoors to keep things cool the old-fashioned way.

“The name of our inn, NUB, comes from the ancient Egyptian word for ‘gold’, the same word Nubia was named after,” Chymaa Ghaleb, a partner and operations director of NUB Inn, tells SceneTraveller.

Run by a Nubian staff, the stay embraces the rustic charm of the city, but adds an upscale element, encapsulating their slogan ‘Simple Made Perfect’.

In the early hours of the morning, visitors can sit on their sun-baked roof and indulge in a hearty breakfast from their open buffet as they take in the splendid Nile view, watching the felucca boats float in from afar, sails and flags rippling in the air.

These special views are closer than you think. NUB Inn is offering all of our #SceneTravellers 20% off during their stay from now until April  30th, 2022. All you need to do is use the code ‘NUBXTRAVELLER’ when you register on their website,