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This New Campaign by Hezaha Weh Safer Is Encouraging Egyptian Women to Travel the World

In her latest campaign titled #سافري, Hezaha W Safer’s founder Yara Yehia is encouraging Egyptian women to leave behind their fears and experience the world through travel.

If you’ve never travelled before, it’s almost a given that you will have no idea where you can get good food or where the best place to stay is without being ripped off. And there are plenty more things that cause us noob travellers anxiety; why on earth would anyone go to a new, unknown place and call that fun? We can hear all the travel lovers weeping, but this is a real struggle for many people out there, especially women. Hezaha W Safer has been changing this reality for over a year now, and more recently, they launched their #سافري (travel) campaign targeted at Egyptian women.

“#سافري has been my dream for over a year,” Yara Yehia, founder of Hezaha W Safer, tells us. “I wanted people to understand that there are these brave women who travel alone, and they’re not any different than any other woman out there.”

The main idea behind the campaign is to encourage Egyptian women who are largely dependent on men to travel and better themselves by being exposed to the different cultures and worldly experiences. As a woman “you don’t have to wait for marriage, it’s not the main purpose of life… You don’t have to be dependent, get out of this zone and don’t be scared,” Yehia protests.

In Egypt, it’s no secret that women are often discriminated against when it comes to travelling alone, or even leaving the house alone. This discrimination has become the norm for many women who now truly believe they are physically unable to go on such adventures just because they are 'females'. “I don’t listen to them,” Yehia says about those who try to bring her down. “I say no, it doesn’t make me less of a person because I’m a woman”.

While Yehia’s family has been very supportive of her work and has seen the value in her travelling the world, many girls approach her, scared of the idea and have almost no support in taking the step. “I assure them that everything will be fine and that they’ll be hardcore travellers once they learn to depend on themselves,” she tells us.

“Just travel, you don’t need to speak English well, you don’t need to be a certain age or have a certain background to travel, and you’re not missing out on anything at home if you travel,” Yehia continues.

If you’re not familiar with Hezaha W Safer, it is an online travel channel that makes informative short videos about travel destinations. The videos detail everything you need to know about wherever you’re going in order to minimise the research time required before you travel. You also get some insight on what the place looks like before you travel.

Check out the campaign video below.

Photo: Facebook