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Unleash Your Inner Child with IGNITE & Barefoot's Desert Adventure

Ignite Getaways is partnering with Barefoot Experience to relive our childhood adventures at the Western Desert, from water-balloon fights, to sandboarding, to smores over an open flame.

Nothing can quite capture the sheer relief that follows an intense full-body workout -  it's euphoric in essence and wildly difficult to describe. But if we were to try, we’d say there’s a sort of childlike freedom to it - the sense of freedom from a full cardio workout is not too different from the exhaustion a child feels after running through a playground all afternoon, unimpeded, unstoppable. Ignite Fitness is no stranger to that precise feeling, and they’re making sure that just because we’ve grown up, doesn’t mean we’ve grown out of playtime.

Nuzzled four and a half hours away from Cairo, Ignite Getaways is partnering with Barefoot Experience and inviting you to explore the Western Desert and perhaps most importantly, awaken your inner child, from Wednesday, March 16th until Saturday, March 19th. 

Bringing all your favorite childhood escapades back to life, the Ignite x Barefoot Getaways is all about exploration with a sprinkle of childlike innocence. Think water-balloon fights, sandboarding, and bonfire tabla sessions all sandwiched amidst a sporty, workout retreat. We’re talking smores, oasis explorations, with a little duck-duck goose post-HIIT workout activity. You know, adolescence but more…sophisticated, ya feel us? Nothing is off-limits and for four consecutive days, you’ll be given the opportunity to put all your adult responsibilities on the backburner and step into a more youthful - and ultimately relaxing - present. 123