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Video: Egypt's Luxor Temple Is Even More Magical From A Drone's Eye View

If temples' purpose is to connect with higher entities, then they've certainly fulfilled it with this aerial video...

Last week, we fascinated you with Marsa Alam being captured from a bird's eye view, courtesy of Nader Makram's drone photography. Today, we have one of world's, and Egypt's, most valuable archeological sites through an aerial view – and to make it even more magical, it's at night. Through a short video, Sirgeo Maroni shows us the nighttime lights radiating the majestic architecture, and the endless pillars upon which the history of this country was built:

How many times did you hit replay on that one? Remember back in school when they'd teach us that Luxor has one third of the world's monuments? Well, we also say it has one third of the world's beauty. It's nice to get lost in those temples from another perspective, and now we're wondering how our ancestors knew that it'd look so good from above...