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Video: Hyundai Teams Up with Egyptian Adventurer to Change the Way We Travel

The Google Local Guide is setting off in his Hyundai Sonata on a journey to Marsa Alam to improve the way everyone experiences Egypt.

Exploring Egypt like a pro is about to get a real boost to world-voyager levels as Hyundai kicks off its #HyundaiAdventures. They're taking Google Local Guide Mahmoud Kamal across the country to explore its hidden gems, starting with the faraway beach town that's a little piece of heaven of Marsa Alam.

Egyptian adventurers, fear not! Because Hyundai has got your back. Egypt’s Google maps is about to get even better as Kamal teams up with Hyundai, who know Egyptian roads more than anyone and have been on them across all 27 governorates and all seasons. So he is about to embark on an adventure where he will visit a whole lot of Egyptian cities on road trips, starting with a long drive to Marsa Alam in a brand new Hyundai Sonata; the car that's perfect for this trip.

It’s practically built for this kind of long journey; it's spacious, has 180 horsepower, 1.6L Turbo GDI, 18 inch alloy wheels and it's an overall high performance vehicle. Imagine the views through the panorama sunroof, the fun Kamal is going to have with the integrated memory system, or sheer power of the 7-speed automatic transmission. The 1.6L Turbo engine makes this car a true beast of the road that's a joy to drive. And no better place to do that than the open road.If you travel abroad, like anyone else in the age of the internet, you’re going to rush to get a local data plan, and whip out Google maps on your smartphone to navigate the wonders of whatever city you find yourself in. And if you happen to be in a major Western city like New York, London, or Paris, you’ll almost certainly notice something right away: their Google maps features are miles ahead of our own here in Egypt.

These features may seem trivial to some, but they make a lot of decisions so much easier. You can find a highly rated restaurant, at the price range you want after just a few taps of your screen. You’ll never spend a night in a subpar hotel, and you can hunt for the cheapest gas station around.

Hyundai is partnering on this project to make sure Kamal has a car that’s just the right fit for each one of his destinations. Once he’s in each city, Kamal (who we're all jealous of at this point) will continuously add general information, photos, and reviews to as many spots across Egypt as he can through Google Maps. Can you imagine what our maps will look like? Smooth sailing from here on out. 

Follow the campaign on social media by checking out Hyundai Egypt's Facebook page and following #HyundaiAdventures to see all the hidden gems of this beautiful country.

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