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Someone Just Made a Video Promoting Diving in Dahab and It Will Leave You Questioning Everything

What is diving?

Dahab is one of Egypt's premium diving spots for people all over the world, but this video which was posted by Facebook page Bedouin Divers to presumably promote and encourage the popular water sport in the seaside city, is better than anything you will ever actually see under water. Maybe.

It starts with a Google Maps zoom in over Egypt, followed by a random Bedouin playing on his phone and taking off his sunglasses to greet three travelers who seem to have walked to Dahab to along the seabed. He greets them, they express their joy at being in Dahab, and then they all have underwater tea together and cheers with their little teacups.

We have so many questions. Why is he on his phone underwater? Where did these tourists come from? Why is everyone fully dressed? Why does he just happen to have some binoculars handy? Why is the entire thing set to zaffa music? What is life? 

We don't really understand anything but it's wonderful and absurd at the same time, and we're on our sixth replay of the video and we don't even know why. Watch it below, perhaps you'll have some answers to these pressing questions...


Video credit to Bedouin Divers