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Walk Like An Egyptian's Walking Tours Take You Off the Beaten Tracks

Walk Like an Egyptian is a tour company that leads you away from the conventional hotspots of Egypt, and down avenues of everyday life you may have otherwise walked past.

Walk Like An Egyptian is the travel company that’s all about sating that inextinguishable wanderlust with their cultural walking tours, inviting tourists into all the nooks and crannies of Egypt that they’d otherwise overlook, like Darb El Ahmar, the City of the Dead, Mansheya Nasir (which, perhaps to its detriment, is better known as ‘Garbage City’) and Minya.

“Egypt isn't just the Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum,” founder Asmaa Khattab tells #CairoScene. “It’s full of hidden gems. I wanted to show that to visitors by curating interesting walking tours. We focus on the areas that people don’t usually visit, and we tell the stories of those places to push forward cultural tourism.”

As a tourism graduate, Khattab was dissatisfied with the state of the industry in Egypt. After working in multiple travel agencies, she wanted to do something that matched the way modern travellers discovered new places, like walking tours. Then, in January 2015, she took the plunge to realise her vision.

The integration of storytelling with cultural tourism is perhaps what makes their walking tours so special. Rather than focus on antiquities or natural reserves, this company speaks to the soul of Egypt by highlighting its people, allowing their travellers to see, speak, and walk like a true Egyptian.

Some of their upcoming tours include a visit to Al Muez on April 3rd, a trip to the City of the Dead and Qubba Palace on April 10th, and Quseir and Hurghada on May 19th.