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World's Tallest Observation Wheel Ain Dubai Opens This October

At 250 metres, Ain Dubai is the largest observation wheel in the wheel. Starting October 21st, you'll be able to ride to the top to get a full view of Dubai from an air conditioned pod.

At this point you have to wonder, is there even any point in having a bustling urban wonderland if you don't have a giant ferris wheel to see the whole thing from a hair raising (or stomach dropping, depending on your constitution) perspective? With observation wheels like the London Eye marking a new millenium in Britain or The Wheel bringing you 400 feet above Orlando, Florida, it almost seems like a missed opportunity not to have one. And Dubai is making the most of their opportunity with the largest observation wheel in the world.

Ain Dubai, aka the Dubai Eye or Dubai-I, is set to open on October 21st at Bluewaters Island, a 500-metre artificial island near Dubai Marina known for its high-end residences and five-star hotels. At 250 metres, the wheel is both an attraction in itself with a giant LED screen mounted at its base to serve as an entertainment zone, and a vantage point for the rest of the city. Able to carry 1,400 people in its 48 air conditioned capsules - because Dubai never misses an opportunity to pamper you, apparently - passengers will be able to see some of the Emirate's most iconic landmarks like Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab and Palm Jumeirah.

We weren't kidding about getting pampered in those capsules by the way. Guests can book a VIP pod with 19 customisable experiences, allowing you to ride Ain Dubai in a new way every time whether you sign up for a birthday, a wedding, or if you want to really impress that one client during a business function. The social cabins grant access to the Seaview Lounge, if you want to pair that unique view of Dubai with a full dinner course.

Tickets are available on their website,, with prices starting at $35. Travellers to Dubai must have a RT-PCR test done within 72 hours before departure, and travellers from select nations will need to take another PCR test on arrival.