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14 Pictures That Will Get You to Drop Everything and Head to Ismailia

You're welcome.

A aerial picture that shows Suez Canal in Ismailia.

Okay so, it’s the weekend, you have absolutely no idea what to do with your friends because you’ve pretty much exhausted every option you have. Head to Sokhna for a quick getaway? Been there. What about dabbling in the Instagrammable arts of pottery in Fayoum? Done that. Well, what if we told you that Ismailia is a two-hour drive from Cairo and it’s definitely worth your time. Don’t believe us? Good luck after seeing these pictures. 

Enjoy this beautiful scene as you prepare to enter Ismailia – and maybe try a mango or two from one of the shops flooding the city. 

Eat the freshest seafood you could ever have at George’s Restaurant.  


Or head to Negrelli for some delicious mama Egyptian food away from home.


Or have a coffee and shisha at their iconic Borset El Kanal ahwa.  


And maybe have this stunning view of the Suez Canal for dessert. 

Oh, and you can pretend you’re an extra on Grand Hotel by checking into this cute hotel.  


Then wake up to this pretty af view of Mohamed Ali street. 

And walk with your best friend – or the love of your life – by Timsah Lake. 

Or the Nakheel neighbourhood that’s definitely serving suburb realness. 

Or take a felucca. 

Or a small boat in 3ezbet El Bahateeny that looks exactly like a scene from The Notebook.

Or a stroll down this street and feast your eyes with the glory that is Abu Bakr mosque. 

Basically, we’re moving to Ismailia. Goodbye forever.

All photos are from Everyday Ismailia.